California: Fresno ballot vendor has trouble in Colorado, warned by state of California | The Fresno Bee

The company that has a multimillion-dollar contract to provide voting services to Fresno County and others across at least two states is in hot water for printing outdated ballots in Colorado, triggering a manual recount. The company, Integrated Voting Systems, also shares a working name, address and other details with a corporation that owes more than $270,000 in back taxes and is barred from doing business in California. These companies are linked to still more printing companies which have had millions of dollars worth of liens and civil judgments levied against them. For nearly two years, Integrated Voting Systems has done business as Integrated Voting Solutions, both based in Fresno and Dinuba. Although leadership for the former vehemently denies any association with the latter, it’s clear the two companies are related – if not the same business.

Integrated Voting Systems is contracted to handle ballot printing for Fresno and five other California counties this cycle, but its inconsistencies have pushed the Secretary of State’s office to question whether it may put these elections at risk.

Fresno County signed a five-year deal with Integrated Voting Solutions in November 2015. The company was not to be paid more than $2.58 million . The first three years were set, but the county retained options for one-year renewals in 2019 and 2020.

In June 2017, the California Franchise Tax Board suspended Integrated Voting Solutions, Inc. for failing to file a tax return and failing to pay nearly $5,000 in taxes, board spokesman Jason Montiel said. The results of the suspension including losing the right to conduct any business and the right to use its corporate name.

Full Article: Integrated Voting ballot vendor issues in Colorado, California | The Fresno Bee.

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