New Hampshire: Election reform bill clears major hurdle in House | New Hampshire Union Leader

The House Election Law Committee voted 11-9 along party lines on Tuesday to endorse an amended version of an election reform bill designed to toughen the verification requirements for voting. If SB 3 becomes law, voters would still be allowed to register and vote on Election Day even if they lack proof of domicile, but they would have to fill out a lengthy affidavit and be required to submit various forms of proof within 10 days of the election.

Supervisors of the checklist in each precinct would have to follow up with those voters who failed to submit their proof by examining public records, asking “two or more municipal officers or their agents” to visit the address provided, or by turning the matter over to the Secretary of State. The matter could also be referred to the Attorney General and the voter’s name removed from the checklist.

Under the current system, voters who fill out Election Day affidavits are mailed a postcard that has to be returned to the Secretary of State to verify address. Unverified affidavits are turned over to the Attorney General for further investigation, but those investigations rarely take place due to manpower constraints.

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