New Jersey: E-voting chaos: New Jersey voters sent to official’s personal Hotmail address | Ars Technica

Security experts warned that New Jersey’s plan for e-mail-based voting was a recipe for problems, and anecdotal evidence is starting to trickle in that the system isn’t working as well as organizers had hoped. One address used to request ballots was not even accepting e-mail late Tuesday morning. And in another county, an election official responded to problems with the county e-mail system by inviting voters to send ballot requests to his personal Hotmail address. The unfolding fiasco was first spotted by Buzzfeed, which notes that a number of voters have tweeted about having their e-mails to county voting officials bounce. “Oh no! email box for Essex County Clerk’s box is full. No one can email in their ballots,” tweeted one New Jersey voter last night. Essex County, NJ, is in the suburbs of New York and has nearly 800,000 residents. As one of the largest counties in the state, it is evidently struggling to keep up with the demand for e-mail ballots.

Full Article: E-voting chaos: NJ voters sent to official’s personal Hotmail address | Ars Technica.

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