California: Code, Software, Servers Bedeviled Marin County Election Website | Techwire

Old code, software problems and server configuration in Marin County, combined with heavy traffic, caused the blooper that made it impossible for the public to view results on election night June 5, county officials said this week. “We determined that it was a combination of three things,” said Liza Lowery Massey, director of Marin County’s Department of Information Services and Technology. The Registrar of Voters website, which had been redesigned to feature more graphs and other visual elements to make the data more accessible to the general public, remained inaccessible most of the night. Specifically, Massey said there was some antiquated legacy software code in some of the county’s Web pages.

“It didn’t hurt us when we were on an older platform,” Massey said, “but think about moving old code onto a new platform. It caused some issues.” She said that older code has now been removed.

Massey said server configuration also was a problem. “The configuration issue was exacerbated by the high number of people going to the website on election night,” Massey said. “It had not been an issue before we had that load.”

She said the county’s computer system has been reworked to remove that roadblock.

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