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The office of the Secretary of State will conduct audits Thursday of the accuracy of the vote counts produced by the optical scanning devices used in four communities for two races – state treasurer and U.S. House. “It is another way to ensure the integrity of the election,” explained Secretary of State Jim Condos. 

Two of the communities were selected at random and two more were added to achieve geographic and demographic diversity, Condos said.

The races are both statewide, so results would be found in every voting precinct.

Municipal clerks from Essex Junction, Barre Town, Brandon and Newfane will bring their secured bags of paper ballots to Montpelier for the audit, which begins at 9 a.m. in Noble Hall at Vermont College.

In towns that use optical scanning devices, the paper ballots that voters mark are inserted into the vote-counting machines and the tally from the machines becomes the official count.

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