Belarus: Central Election Commission issues voter ID requirements | Belarus News

Belarus’ Central Election Commission approved the lists of documents on the basis of which voters will be issued ballot papers at polling stations, BelTA has learned.┬áCEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik noted that in accordance with the established rules a ballot paper is issued by election commission staff on the basis of the two documents. The first one is a list of citizens eligible to vote. The second one is a passport or any other document substituting it which voters should produce.┬áThe draft resolution, which was passed at a meeting on 23 August, lists such passport replacement documents as a military ID for conscripts, an official ID for public servants, a driver’s license, a photographic pension certificate, a student card, and also a paper from the interior agencies for citizens who have lost their passport.

A proposal was voiced at the meeting to allow an ID of a person with a disability. The CEC promised to revisit this issue after it establishes the exact title of this document.

The elections to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus will be held on 11 September.

Source: Elections 2016. Belarus’ Central Election Commission issues voter ID requirements.

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