Iowa: Campaign texts voters with wrong polling places | The Des Moines Register

Iowa’s top election official said a campaign appeared to be responsible for texting voters incorrect information about polling places. But Secretary of State Paul Pate wouldn’t identify the campaign, telling reporters Tuesday afternoon there seemed to be “nothing malicious” about the text messages. Voters reported the texts to auditors in Black Hawk, Johnson, Linn, Polk and Winneshiek counties, Pate said. He was unsure how many voters received them. The text messages were sent from a toll-free number, which could not be independently tracked to its source. “I think it’s under control,” Pate said, adding that he wouldn’t comment further until the details were verified.

The texts came on top of Iowa’s first primary election under its new voter ID law.

The primary is a “soft launch” in which officials asked voters for identification but let them cast provisional ballots if they had none with them.

Tuesday’s votes determined who will run against Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, as well as Republican U.S. Reps. David Young, Rod Blum and Steve King.

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