National: Voting rights return as post-campaign issue | ABC

They are questions that are central to democracy: who gets to vote, how accessible is voting and ensuring all ballots are counted fairly. Voting rights and ballot access kept popping up as campaign issues this year. Now they’re post-campaign issues — unavoidable and more urgent than ever. Voter access is and has been central in Georgia, where Tuesday’s run-off for secretary of state will close the books on the 2018 midterms. The race has implications for 2020 and beyond, following a closely contested gubernatorial race where lawsuits still linger. In New Hampshire on Wednesday, the longest-serving secretary of state in the nation could lose his job. Bill Gardner, the Democrat who famously sets the first-in-the-nation primary date every four years, has come under attack because he participated in the now-disbanded voter-fraud commission created by President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, in North Carolina, a House race remains in limbo amid credible accusations of voter fraud. For all the tweets and unfounded accusations emanating from Trump, it might be a Republican who was the single beneficiary of documented, large-scale fraud this year.

The bipartisan attention could mark a moment for a nonpartisan examination of how American elections are run. One might also imagine, in this moment of national reflection, how President George H.W. Bush might have led the country now.

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