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Two dead people tried to vote in Oregon. The researcher and a voter integrity advocate who found the problem told election officials, who told them this kind of thing is rare, and the chances of it happening again are slim, given the state’s good track record, kindly nature and all that. “This is a very Oregon moment,” researcher Robert McCullough of the energy consulting firm McCullough Research said. “The Pacific Northwest is a very honest area, and so we have little in the way of checks and balances. But, luckily, we also have very few villains.” 

McCullough, whose resume includes work as an expert witness in the Enron scandal, earlier this year did a study comparing Oregon’s active voter rolls with the Social Security Administration’s Master Death list. Of Oregon’s nearly 2.2 million active voters, he found 92 were probably dead. “This is hardly an endemic problem,” McCullough acknowledged. “Is it a situation where someone could in fact swing a close election by dishonest activities, certainly they could.”

…  Tony Green, Oregon Secretary of State spokesman, said he could confirm one case out of the 92 has been sent to the Oregon Department of Justice for further investigation. He said the state was provided with five names from the list of possible dead voters and that four were found to still be alive. Since 2000, the state has had 13 cases of voter fraud out of 24 million ballots mailed. A Clackamas County elections worker was convicted earlier this year for altering ballots.

Green sees integrity in the system, but the state is not satisfied. “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the integrity of the centralized voter registry,” he said.

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