Virginia: The cost of voting in Virginia to go up |

The cost of voting has just gone up, big time, in some Virginia localities and the reaction is one of surprise.

The redistricting plan for both the state House and Senate approved by the General Assembly will create a large number of split voting precincts in Northern Virginia. Local governments will foot the bill for adding new voting machines and poll watchers, and for notifying voters when those changes take place. County governments could have to cut elsewhere to make up for the increased cost.

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  1. Frank Henry says:

    Now we are concern about spending taxpayers money…

    Here’s some cost cuts (which protect or instill “Full Voting Roghts”):

    1. Stop any public campaign public funding/reporting activities…this
    will stop gov from infringing on our rights to free speeck and
    association. This will also free up time and money for our election
    officials to stay focused on the election processes of registration,
    voting, counting.

    2. Make voting machines an option. Hand counting has been proven to
    be as accurate as machine counting, (NH recount Feb 2008). Machine
    voting has become a boomdogle and burden to the voters with zero
    confidence in the count..mainly because of the “secret” hidden out of
    sight to us human/citizen observer.

    3. All 50 states need to change the vote count process by laws to Three

    (1) Closing Count….
    Closing Count of all ballots at the lowest level (precinct, ward, etc)
    of every ballots (early ballots, absentee ballots, military ballots,
    election-day ballots, etc) (oh, forget provisional ballots… if you
    ok’d to vote you get a real ballot). The count may be by hand or
    machines. Election workers close the polls, record the results,
    lock/seals machines if used.

    (2) Verification Count…
    Now, before the workers go home on election day, conduct a
    Verification Count by hand count of every vote on every ballot,
    including voters intent,and record results. If Verification Count
    is the dame as Closing Count…the Closing Count becomes the
    official count for that precinct….but, if the Verification Count is not
    the same as the Closing Count…then the Verification Count
    becomes the official count for that precinct.

    (3) Recount…
    Any one can request a recount. A resonable low refundable fee
    can be imposed for high percentage gap ( 0.5% and higher) races.
    The cost of recount shall be covered by the election budget.

    These three steps shall be applicable to all elections (fed, state, local).

    Thanks and Good Luck,

    Frank Henry
    Cottonwood, Arizona