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On the heels of the November election, an East Tennessee Republican group considered blocking future votes from some of its members. It would have been punishment for supporting the wrong candidate, and state law permits it. Few people know, when you vote in any election in Tennessee anyone can challenge your vote. That voter challenge law is rarely enforced.  As political tension has increased over the past few years, it is coming up more in local elections. Last week, the Anderson County Republican party threatened two of its members, both who hold local offices, with a voter challenge in future primary elections. Some political experts believe that state law, especially it it’s actually used in more counties, could further strain national politics.

For Angi Agle, casting a ballot on election day is a symbol of United States freedom.

“It is our right and our duty as American’s to participate fully,” said Agle.

Agle’s strong sense of duty has guided her to participate in politics more than some. Last month, she won another term in a non-partisan office as an Oak Ridge School Board member. She’s also life-long Republican, well-known among local conservatives.

“In 1993, I was elected to Anderson County Republican Party Chairman and served through the 1994 elections, which were a ton of fun,” said Agle.

But, Agle said the November 2012 general election was not fun. She crossed party lines in the county mayor race, something she’s allowed to do given Tennessee’s open party system.

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