Switzerland: Swiss Post launches demo version for e-voting | SWI

Swiss citizens of some cantons who live abroad have a choice of two systems with which to vote online in votes in their home country. One of these is offered by Swiss Post. It has now put a demo version online, which people can use to simulate their participation. More than just an advertising stunt? A trial goes smoothly: First, I can download a digital voting card from Swiss Post’s special websiteexternal link (in the country’s four national languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh) which I would usually have received by post. This has three codes.

I enter the first code and a fictitious year of birth, and off I go. I can vote on the different issues in the same way as I am used to with an “analogue” ballot card. I just use a mouse rather than a pen to make my choice.

In the second step, my entries are “sealed”. I can use check digits to verify that the details have been transmitted correctly to a server. Then in the last step, I enter another code to “post” my virtual ballot card.

Full Article: Swiss Post launches demo version for e-voting – SWI swissinfo.ch.

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