Virginia: State spends none of $9 million grant on midterm election security | WUSA

Days after officials in Washington disclosed none of a $3 million grant is securing the District’s midterm election infrastructure, the same story played out across the Potomac – on a scale triple the size. Virginia received a $9 million grant from the federal government – a new investment designed to improve election security in the face of undiminished hacking threats. But the critical swing state with several competitive House races will spend none of the $9 million to prepare for the midterm elections, according to interviews and record requests reviewed by WUSA9.

Virginia received the multi-million dollar federal grant in mid-June, according to officials with the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). Yet with the midterm elections now 55 days away, state officials conceded they have not moved swiftly enough to use any of the money before November.

A state elections spokesperson stressed the funding would be used in the near future, a sentiment echoed by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s office Wednesday.

“The Department of Elections has plans in place for the use of these funds, which will strengthen our ongoing efforts to preserve Virginia’s election security and to stay one step ahead of bad actors,” said Ofirah Yheskel, the governor’s spokesperson.

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