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A preliminary report investigating computer problems at voting centers across Johnson and other counties resulted from poor preparation and resulted in Indiana election laws being violated. The report was prepared for the Indiana Secretary of State by Ball State’s Voting System Technical Oversight Program, or VSTOP. The 20-page report examines, in great detail, all the things that went wrong on election day, resulting in thousands of Johnson County voters waiting in line for hours on November 6. The VSTOP report claims Johnson County’s election software vendor, ES&S inadequately anticipated server needs on election day, and did not have their systems properly set up to handle the high voter turnout seen around the county. “The situation which occurred in Johnson is unacceptable for any Indiana electronic poll book vendor,” the report states. “The responsibility for what occurred rests on the shoulders of ES&S.”

The report states ES&S did not have their Web Application Firewall (WAF) systems configured adequately to handle the flood of voting activity. The report also points out the company did not save records of “load testing” done prior to election day.

“The premise that their pre-election load testing adequately predicted election day needs is difficult to accept,” the report said.

The VSTOP investigators also concluded that ES&S failed to report several system “anomalies” that occurred prior to election day, which violates Indiana election law. And, attempts to fix the lagging computer issues on election day also resulted in a violation of state code.

Full Article: FOX59 Exclusive: Scathing report finds Johnson County software vendor violated state election laws | FOX59.

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