Michigan: Rochester Hills to conduct post-election risk-limiting audit | The Oakland Press

On Monday, Dec. 3, Rochester Hills will conduct Michigan’s first pilot of a risk-limiting post-election audit. Risk-limiting audits provide a check on election results. The procedure is designed to detect irregularities that may include intentional cyber attacks or unintentional error that may change the reported election outcomes. “Michigan voters put their faith in us as election administrators to conduct free and fair elections,” said Rochester Hills Clerk Tina Barton. “This procedure will provide us with another opportunity to confirm their trust is well placed.” The pilot is one of three to be conducted the first week of December and part of the first multi-jurisdictional risk-limiting audit pilot in the country. Lansing and Kalamazoo will hold their pilots later in the week.

… The Michigan Bureau of Elections and the municipal clerks partnered with a team of experts, including Ron Rivest and Mayuri Sridhar of MIT, Jerome Lovato of the United States Election Assistance Commission, Philip Stark and Kellie Ottoboni of UC Berkeley, the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School, Verified Voting and Indiana’s VSTOP for the project.

Michigan’s election system already incorporates many election security measures recommended by national security and cybersecurity experts, including paper ballots and mandatory pre-election testing of all voting equipment. Risk-limiting audits may complement the existing procedures and the pilot will assist election officials to determine whether they can work efficiently and effectively in Michigan.

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