Indiana: Report: ES&S’s Johnson County voting ‘work-around’ violated election law | Indianapolis Star

Technical glitches and computer crashes led to long lines at Johnson County vote centers on Election Day, but the quick fix used to remedy the problem left the county open to fraud. It also violated election law because it cut off information sharing between polling sites, according to a preliminary investigation report released by the Secretary of State’s office. “I want to let the voters of Johnson County know that what happened is unacceptable,” said Johnson County Clerk Trena McLaughlin, who took office on Jan. 1. “The voters deserve more, and we are definitely going to get this issue resolved.”

ES&S, the Omaha-based voting machine supplier, enacted a work-around that eliminated officials’ ability to stop voters from visiting different polling sites and casting more than one ballot during the midterm election.

There is no evidence that any voters actually cast multiple ballots, but McLaughlin said her office was still reviewing the situation.

Full Article: Report: ES&S’s Johnson County voting ‘work-around’ violated election law.

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