North Carolina: Rep. McIntyre could face second recount | The Hill

Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-N.C.) could face a second recount on Wednesday when his districts finishes re-tallying the votes in his congressional race. His battle with Republican candidate David Rouzer is one of the last undecided congressional races in the country. It was McIntyre’s 655-vote lead — within a 1 percent margin — that triggered Rouzer’s call for a recount in North Carolina’s 7th district. But Don Wright, the general counsel for the state board of elections, said Rouzer can request a partial hand recount if he continues to trail after the machine recount concludes.  A hand recount of the entire district would be triggered if a discrepancy that could alter the race is found between the partial hand recount and machine recount. But Wright said most recounts don’t change the outcome of a race.

“It is very rare there is a major difference,” Wright told The Hill.

McIntyre would be able to do the same if his lead doesn’t hold up.

The eight-term lawmaker continues to lead, with the vote relatively unchanged, in Bladen County, an area Rouzer cited as a reason to request a second tally of votes.

Five other counties finished their count on Tuesday, with McIntyre netting six votes, according to The Associated Press and a local ABC affiliate.

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