Arizona: Maricopa County takes extreme measures to protect voting systems | KPHO

On the day of the general election in 2016, Maricopa County voters experienced problems at the polls. Some of those problems, according to elections officials, were the result of the “epollbooks” used in the place of paper voter rolls. Officials say the software had trouble handling the sheer number of voters the Phoenix metro area was seeing. “There were several instances of double voting,” said Adrian Fontes, who was elected Maricopa County Recorder that day and has been tasked with figuring out what went wrong. … The president of Robis Elections, the company that provided epoll book services for Maricopa County, told CBS 5 Investigates that his company was not hacked by Russians or anyone else. … But after Fontes took office, he took the drastic measure of ending the contract with Robis and tasking county employees to create a new system from scratch — one that would avoid the problems and alleged security vulnerabilities of the 2016 election.

Fontes and a team of his employees attended a hacker conference over the summer — an effort to get familiar with the threats voting system face now and will face in the future. He said elections officials from counties across the country were there, as well as FBI agents and officials from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The result, says Fontes, is a system that will make it easier for voters to cast ballots, reduce the need to cast provisional ballots, which are often discarded, and be tougher for hackers to attack.

Full Article: Maricopa County takes extreme measures to protect voting systems – 3TV | CBS 5.

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