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The plaintiffs in the state Senate redistricting case have reshuffled their proposed maps to redraw the state’s 40 senatorial districts, saying they want to “narrow the issues for trial.” Part of their reason was the much-maligned “jumping the Bay,” or districts that cross the water from Hillsborough County into Pinellas County to capture a Democratic voting base in southeast Pinellas. On Tuesday, the League of Women Voters of Florida, Common Cause and others withdrew two maps and submitted a new “corrected” map, after filing six versions of a redrawn district map last week. In a notice filed by attorney David King, they took away one map that “includes a fourth Hispanic district in South Florida (District 38) and an African-American district in Hillsborough County that does not cross Tampa Bay into Pinellas County (District 19).”

They also withdrew another map that was “presented merely to show an alternative configuration of districts in Miami-Dade county that has three Hispanic-performing districts (Districts 35, 36, and 37).”

The plaintiffs then announced plans to turn in yet another “corrected Alternative Remedial Senate Plan, or CPS-3b corrected.”

“CPS-3b corrected is the same as the version disclosed to the (Legislature) on Nov. 18, except that Districts 1 and 2 have been replaced to exactly match the versions of Districts 1 and 2 in the other Alternative Remedial Senate Plans (CPS-2a, CPS-2b, CPS-3a, CPS-4a, and CPS-4b) …”

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