North Carolina: “I Don’t Vote” — But He Did. Here’s How Alleged Election Fraud Works In North Carolina. | Buzzfeed

Chris Eason is 47 years old, not registered to any political party, and worked in construction. He’s into camping and boating, and has lived in this rural town most of his life. What Chris Eason does not do is vote. “I just don’t vote. I don’t believe it. Do nothing but lie anyway,” Eason told BuzzFeed News about politicians. “Everybody’s crooked and they’ll do anything they can to get put in office.” But, technically, Eason does vote — he says he’s just not the guy casting the ballot. Eason told BuzzFeed News that he signed a blank absentee ballot in the now-contested Nov. 6 general election, didn’t actually pick any candidates, and then handed the unsealed ballot to the man at the center of an unfolding election fraud scandal, McCrae Dowless. Sure enough, public records show, his absentee ballot ended up signed, sealed, and witnessed to the county Board of Elections with Eason’s name on it.

“That’s what I’m telling you — McCrae or whoever’s doing it, they checked them boxes, I didn’t,” said Eason. “I’d take a lie detector test on that.”

It’s unclear if any boxes were actually ticked off, and elections officials told BuzzFeed News that if a fully blank ballot were sent in, it would be registered and tabulated as zero votes. Records show a ballot was registered for Eason in the Nov. 6 race.

“This information has been forwarded to our investigators,” State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement spokesperson Patrick Gannon told BuzzFeed News when asked about Eason’s claims.

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