Gibraltar: After almost 16 years opposition takes over | MercoPress

The Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD) who were looking for a fifth term of office failed to win by 300 votes after the count, with swings both ways during the night, but in the end Yvette del Agua, Joe Holliday and Lianne Azzopardi from the GSD were not elected.

The Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation exit poll had predicted an 8% win for the Alliance. The final result was Alliance 48.88%, GSD 46.76% and PDP 4.36%. The GSLP/Libs takes 10 of the Parliament’s 17 seats. Dr John Cortes, GSLP, got second highest vote. Joe Bossano came fifth and Peter Caruana seventh. Daniel Feetham has second highest GSD vote.

The polls opened at 09.00 and closed at 22.00 – in that time 17,917 electors cast their votes representing 82.52% of the electorate making this the third-highest turnout since 1980.

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