North Carolina: Evidence hearing on 9th Congressional District set for January | News & Observer

A hearing on the North Carolina elections board’s investigation into voting irregularities in the state’s 9th Congressional District has been pushed into 2019. The N.C. State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement announced Friday that it will conduct a public evidentiary hearing at 10 a.m. on Jan. 11. It had planned to hold the hearing by Dec. 21. The new date means Republican Mark Harris is unlikely to be seated with the new Congress when members are sworn in Jan. 3. “The location and details of the proceedings will be released in the coming days. State investigators are awaiting additional documents from parties subpoenaed in this matter and finalizing the investigation prior to the hearing,” board spokesman Pat Gannon said in an email to media outlets.

It’s the latest development in an ongoing investigation into the race between Harris and Democrat Dan McCready that continues to be unresolved more than a month after the general election.

Last month, Harris appeared to beat McCready by about 905 votes, but the elections board declined to certify the results as it reviews unusual patterns in mail-in absentee ballots.

The House can decide not to seat Harris, whose race won’t be certified by that date.

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