North Carolina: Elections website was hacked, but it wasn’t as damaging as it could have been | News & Observer

As the fear of election equipment being hacked grows, the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement wants to get ahead of any potential threats by having additional staff members to address cybersecurity. In a presentation to the Joint Legislative Election Oversight Committee on Friday, Kim Strach, executive director of the state board, said election security is something everyone needs to be concerned about. Strach said there are two types of hacks that the state board has to keep an eye out for – internal and external.

External threats include phishing and designer malware that target things like the statewide voter registration system or the voting equipment. Internal threats could come from anyone who is working in conjunction with an election. “We need to make sure that these people can be trusted and that they’re not a threat, because that’s one of the biggest places that we have to be concerned about,” Strach said.

In June 2017, Strach said there was an attempt to “deface the front page of the websites of many state agencies across the country.” The pages said “Hacked by Team System Dz” and “I Love Islamic state.”

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