Arkansas: Ballots mixed in few state elections; some voters hit ID snags at polls | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Phillips County voters said they cast the wrong ballots in the Marvell mayoral election Tuesday because ballots for people inside and outside the city limits were mixed up. In the highly contested race for Marvell mayor, rural voters received city ballots and city voters got county ballots. The county ballots did not include candidates for mayor. Amanda Moody, who lives in the city, said she went to vote about 8 a.m. and realized after voting that she hadn’t been able to vote for mayor. There are three candidates in this year’s election. “I just hope something gets rectified,” Moody said.

One of the candidates, Lee Guest, said he heard about the problem early when he went by the polls before going to work at the local post office. “Even if I win, I still want it contested because it’s not right,” Guest said. “We have people who voted who shouldn’t have been able to vote, and people who should have voted who weren’t able to.”

Reached by phone Tuesday night, the elections commissioner said he didn’t have time to comment and did not return subsequent phone calls.

In Pulaski County, voting problems were not widespread, but may have resulted in a few votes being incorrectly counted.

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