Iceland: Pirate Party is now Iceland’s Largest Party According to a New Poll | Hacked

Politics is serious business. It’s not meant to be messed with by the young and idealistic. In fact, most countries have age restrictions so that you must be old and “realistic” by the time you ever get to the seat of power. But now and then there come political ideas so uniting that everyone must get in on them somehow. Internet freedom is one thing that all people, of all stripes, tend to agree on to some extent. The exact extent can be a fine line, which has led some in Europe to found the Pirate Party, which is very much rooted in the truism: information wants to be free. Founded in 2006 by Swedish IT entrepreneur Rick Falkvinge, the pirate party movement has spread worldwide. Its original incarnation has had but rare and fleeting success, unable to even secure proper pardons for the founding members of the Pirate Bay, perhaps the most successful torrent sharing website the world will ever see, which exists to this day in jurisdictions where it is not literally outlawed.

Full Article: Iceland's Pirate Party is now the Largest Party According to a New Poll | Hacked.

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