Slovakia: Neo-Nazi party makes an electoral breakthrough in Slovakia | Financial Times

Marian Kotleba refers to Roma as “gypsy parasites”, reveres a Nazi war criminal as a “national hero” and has advocated a state where minorities are stripped of their rights. And as of this weekend, he leads Slovakia’s fifth-most popular political party. In one of the biggest surprises of Saturday’s election, more than 200,000 Slovakians cast ballots for the neo-Nazi People’s Party Our Slovakia (L’SNS) — including 23 per cent of first-time voters. “The people have decided, and I think that this is the beginning of a new era in Slovakia. I hope that we will succeed in rescuing Slovakia from where it is heading,” Mr Kotleba said on Sunday. “The government keeps favouring foreign policies over the interests of Slovak citizens.” Stocky and skin-headed — and with a penchant for dressing up in uniforms modelled on Slovakia’s wartime Nazi-supporting militia — Mr Kotleba borrows rhetoric and symbols from the country’s fascist past, has flirted with holocaust denial and called for Muslims to be banned from the country.

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