North Carolina: House votes to override Cooper veto of partisan judicial elections bill | News & Observer

Gov. Roy Cooper’s first veto is on its way to becoming his first override, as state House Republicans drew on their supermajority and a defecting Democrat to turn back the governor Wednesday. The vetoed bill — restoring partisanship to judicial elections — goes to the Senate on Thursday. It passed the House 74-44, with the support of Rep. William Brisson, a conservative Democrat from Dublin. Democratic Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and Republican Rep. Susan Martin of Wilson were absent. The House needed three-fifths of those present to override the veto. The vote on House Bill 100 could be the first of many vetoes and override attempts as the Republican-controlled legislature faces a new Democratic governor. The previous Democrat in the office, Bev Perdue, vetoed 19 bills during her last two years in office, which overlapped with the GOP takeover of the General Assembly.

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