Pakistan: Election Com­mission sets up team to scrutinise Internet voting system | Dawn

The Election Com­mission of Pakistan (ECP) has formed a committee to conduct a technical audit of the Internet voting solution process that was proposed by the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra). The task force formed on the directions of the Supreme Court is mandated to assess the technical soundness of the web-based automated system that has been designed to help overseas Pakistanis vote through the Internet. Only expatriates who have been issued national identity cards for overseas Pakistanis and valid machine-readable passports will be eligible to use the system to cast their votes.

… The task force has been commissioned days after the ECP rejected the rumours circulating on social media about the availability of electronic voting facilities for overseas Pakistanis. In an official statement, the ECP said that all rumours concerning the availability of such a system were false.

The ECP explained that they had been considering the idea of remote voting facilities for overseas Pakistanis for a long time. However, the mechanisms involved in the operation would have to go through several checks and technical development phases. It would also require multiple pilot tests to ensure that the security is foolproof and the system cannot be compromised. The ECP also pointed out that at the time there were no clear legal provisions for the use of electronic voting.

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