National: Democrats Play Hardball on Voting Laws Ahead of 2016 | TIME

There was a rare détente in the fight over early voting in Ohio last month. The ACLU and the NAACP came to a compromise with the Republican Secretary of State. Early voting days would be reduced from 35 to 28 days, but early voting hours were extended to include Sundays and after work on some weekdays. “We have an incredibly robust system of early voting thanks to this settlement,” said Freda Levenson, executive director of the state’s ACLU chapter. Secretary of State Jon Husted likewise called it a victory for Ohio voters. But for Democrats looking ahead to 2016, that wasn’t enough. Just two weeks after the settlement was reached, a team of Democratic-aligned lawyers filed another lawsuit, claiming that Ohio’s voting laws still make it too difficult blacks, Hispanics and young people to vote. The most prominent attorney behind the new challenge? Marc Elias, the go-to lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s emerging campaign.

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