Ecuador: Communists Call for Random Recount of Votes | Prensa Latina

The recount of a random sample of the total number of votes issued after the general elections that recently took place is the request that the Ecuadorian Communist Party (PCE) maintains today to the National Electoral Council of this South American country. According to the secretary general of political formation, Paul Almeida, in an interview with Prensa Latina, the petition to the highest electoral body, is based on inconsistencies found in the scanning system. The idea is to re-analyze a group of records and to know if the irregularities found influenced the final results, which although they favored the ruling candidate Lenin Moreno, they prevented him from being declared a winner in that first round for not reaching the minimum 40 percent, required by law. ‘If we can identify errors that reach 0.5 percent, the PCE will then urge the National Electoral Council (CNE) to total recount,’ Almeida said, recalling that the challenges phase is currently in force.

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